Mt of Olives (Hazaitim) Panoramic View – The Holy City Of Jerusalem

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About Tamir and his projects


Tamir’s true passion is photography. You can find him at any time, at any place with a camera.

Noticing the lack of centrality of the Jewish national and heritage sites in Google Streets project, Tamir decided that the Old City of Jerusalem should be accessible to anyone in the world, and so he went and created the Jerusalem Project on his own. Single handedly, with not support of any kind; Tamir documented the streets of Jerusalem, and using unique technology, he created a virtual tour of the Jewish Quarter and its environs.


The starting point of the tour is on Har Hazaitim, the Mount of Olives, enabling the viewer a panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem. One can take a tour of the various Jewish sites in the Old City and its vicinity, beginning with the Hebrew University on Har Hatzofim –  Mount Scopus, in the east, through the Yemin Moshe neighborhood in the west. The tour offers a 360 degree view of the various sites, giving you the feeling that you are actually on-site.

Tamir wants to enable the world to visit the important Jewish sites throughout the world. His dream is to document other Jewish heritage sites in Israel and the world. With the understanding of the significance of a first-hand experience, Tamir desires to enable the entire world to visit the Jewish national heritage sites. Become a partner in this imperative endeavor and support Tamir so that he may be able to travel, document and bring the rich Jewish world to everyone’s home.